About Us

Where it all began.. sorta

Carpe Diem Farms began in 2014. I grew up in this business but seeing as I was about to get married I needed to step up my game. The old adage " Behind every successful nurseryman is a wife that works in the city" wasn't very cute to my now wife Laura! So after working for my dad in his nursery for about 15 yrs or so I decided to go out on my own.

I have been growing my own trees since I was a teenager. It was my way to get that all important truck for High School. I also got to experience the freeze that put all my plans on hold and the economy that delayed them further. But by 2014 I jumped in with both feet! High or low sometimes it's just in your blood.

What we grow

We grow a variety of shade trees and ornamentals. Dogwoods,Redbuds, Elm, Cherries, Oaks, Maples, etc, including several cultivars like Rising Sun, Merlot, Shademaster,Princeton. We have added several varieties in the last couple years in response to demand. I also try to provide products needed through brokerage if I do not have them. So if I don't have it I'll try to find it and if I know it's a plant you need I'll probably try to grow it for you in the future!